The 10  Best  100 Ft Tape Measures  2022 - Best Reviews & Buying Guide

The 10 Best 100 Ft Tape Measures 2022 – Best Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you have any questions or concerns about 100 ft tape measures? Our rankings are based on expert reviews submitted by our readers. The following are the most popular picks in the 100 ft tape measures categories. What can I do to help you find the right 100 ft tape measures? 100 ft tape measures has reviewed the following products in the past. 

Following the development of the 100 ft tape measures model, conducted a number of hours of research and testing. Would you like to know how we compare to other websites? 

See how we rank against them by following our ranking!

1. DEWALT Tape Measure, Closed Case, 100-Foot (DWHT34036L) , Yellow

Features :

  • 5:1 gear ratio of the retractable tape measure is designed for 5 times faster blade rewind
  • Blade release button for easy blade pull out
  • Spring loaded caribiner attachment for easy transportation
  • Rust-resistant coating prolongs blade life
  • Dirt removal window to empty dust particles inside of tool
  • Durable stainless steel crank arm
  • Belt clip for easy attachment and storage
  • 5:1 gear ratio for 5X faster blade rewind
  • Blade Release Button for easy blade pull out
  • Spring Loaded Caribiner Attachment for easy transportation
  • Rust-Resistant Coating prolongs blade life
  • Dirt Removal Window to empty dust particles inside of tool

Additional Info :

Color Yellow
Item Dimensions
Height 8.5
Width 8.63
Length 9.31
Weight 1.1

2. Komelon 6611IM Feet/Inches and Metric Fiber Tape Reel with Double Nylon Coated Fiberglass Blade, 100-Feet-30M by 1/2-Inch

Features :

  • Double nylon coated blade
  • Double sided printing reads in feet/inch and metric
  • Heavy duty ABS frame with comfortable rubber hand grip
  • Versatile end hook
  • Two color blade
  • Stake included for one person operation

Additional Info :

Color Yellow
Item Dimensions
Height 13.25
Width 0.01
Length 8.75
Weight 0.01

3. Amazon Basics Open Reel Fiberglass Tape Measure – 100-feet (30-Meters) by 1/2-Inch, Inch/Metric Scale, Impact Resistant Shell

Features :

  • Open-reel tape measure with both inch and metric scales; measures up to 100 feet (30 meters)
  • Non-stretch, wear-resistant, vinyl-coated fiberglass tape (1/2-inch wide) for reliable strength and flexibility
  • Versatile end hook helps ensure easy connections; shock-absorbing rubber handle offers a secure, comfortable hold
  • Impact-resistant shell in easy-to-see bright orange protects the rolled up tape
  • Product measures 1.1 x 11.7 x 7.2 inches
  • Backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty

Additional Info :

Color Orange
Item Dimensions
Height 1.1
Width 7.2
Length 11.7
Weight 1.14

4. Champion Sports Closed Reel Measure Tape, 100 ft, 30 m – Sturdy Measuring Tapes with Hand Crank for Track and Field, Long Jump, Landscaping – Durable, Dual-Sided Measuring Reel with Feet and Meters

Features :

  • Closed Reel Measure Tape: Easily and accurately measure any indoor or outdoor space with the Champion Sports Closed Reel Measuring Tape! Available in multiple lengths, this long tape measure is dual-sided to suit any situation or measuring need.
  • Compact and Sturdy: Our long measuring tape is encased in a black fiberglass closed reel casing, making sure it will last through wear and tear. This closed reel long tape is strong and durable, and it is perfect for coaches, trainers and athletes.
  • Versatile and Convenient: This is a dual-sided land measuring tape that features measurements in feet on one side, and measurements in meters on the other. The high-quality tape is designed to resist stretching, for precise, accurate measurements.
  • Easy to Use Measuring Reel: Each metric measuring tape includes a durable hand crank to ensure it is easy to wind, making it ideal for storage when not in use. It also features a loop at the end of the tape reel so you can start measuring quickly.
  • Ideal for Sports Fields: This measuring tape reel is 100 feet or 30 meters long, making it perfect for measuring and marking sports playfields. It can be used as long jump measuring tape, or field measuring tape for soccer, football, or baseball.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 1.8
Width 6.8
Length 6.8
Weight 1

5. CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, Steel Blade, 100-Foot (CMHT34216)

Features :

  • Steel blade for durability and longer life
  • Easy wind drum for convenient retraction
  • Polymer-coated blade for longer blade life
  • Easy to read markings for efficient measuring and marking

Additional Info :

Color Black

6. Komelon 9901 Gripper Closed Case Long Steel Tape Measure, 100-Feet

Features :

  • Folding rewind crank for fast, reliable retrieval
  • Rubber jacketed case fits nicely in hand
  • Nylon coated blade for maximum durability
  • Versatile end hook

Additional Info :

Color Yellow
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 8.23
Length 6.88
Weight 0.5

7. Crescent Lufkin 3/8″ x 100′ Construction Steel Long Tape – ST100-07

Features :

  • 3:1 Rotating hub for fast rewind with a seated handle for protecting the crank assembly during storage
  • Extra wide, dual sided end hook increases grasping surface area; dual prong systems folds up or down allowing user to utilize both sides of the blade
  • Two sided blade provides more versatility for a variety of measuring requirements; designed to work with dual sided end hook
  • Anti-knuckle busting handle includes a built in stop allowing crank to travel above users fingers during retraction
  • Rugged ergonomic case optimizes the compact shape with user comfort while holding the case in hand

Additional Info :

Color Black

8. QWORK 1/2″ x 100′ Fiberglass Tape Measure, Engineer’s Open Reel Dual Sided Measure, Orange

Features :

  • High Quality – Made of premium fiberglass, this tape measure is soft, durable, water resistant.
  • Ergonomic Handle – With our ergonomic handle, you can grip this tape for a long time working and will not feel tired.
  • Double Side – Our 100 foot tape measure can be double used. One side is inches/feet, another side is metric. The width of this tape measure is 1/2 “.
  • Fast Rewinding – With a pivot hand reel on the side of the cover, it can organize the tape measure quickly and will not hurt your hand.
  • 100% Satisfied Service – Enjoy a smooth & frustration-free experience with our 100% Satisfied Service in one Month!

Additional Info :

Color Orange

9. HOGARSWE Open Reel Fiberglass Tape Measure, 100 Foot Tape Measure by 1/2-Inch, Inch/Metric Scale for Engineer,Outdoor, Athletic Field, Impact Resistant ABS Shell (100FT/30M)

Features :

  • 【 Rugged ABS reel carry handle】The rugged sturdy handle offers a secure and ergonomic hold
  • 【Shaft Rocker Design】Help the 100 ft tape measure return back relaxedly and avoiding the twisting
  • 【Double-Sided Scale】Double sided printing reads in feet/inch and metric scales with accurate data, measures up to 100foot(30meters)
  • 【Vinyl-coated fiberglass tape】1/2-inch wide tape is non-stretch and hard-wearing for reliable strength
  • 【Sturdy Bright Yellow Shell】Impact-resistant abs frame in bright yellow offers a protection to the rolled up 100 foot tape measure and if there is any quality problem on HOGARSWE products, please contact us via Amazon without hesitation, we must will offer a satisfied solution.

Additional Info :

Color Yellow
Item Dimensions
Height 1.77
Width 7.36
Length 12.3

10. Closed Rl Lng Tape 100′

Features :

  • Sold on Amazon

Additional Info :

Color Red

10 Best 100 ft tape measures 2022 : Highly Recommended

What To Consider Before Buying 100 ft tape measures: The Best 100 ft tape measures Buying Guide

Want the most effective and trustworthy 100 ft tape measures? Your good fortune has led you to the best possible place, if you answered yes. We’re here to save you time and relieve you of the burden of combing through reviews.

Many people are confused about which 100 ft tape measures product to buy. Due to the variety of 100 ft tape measures available on the market, this issue arises. To assist you in resolving your issue, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on selecting the best 100 ft tape measuress.

100 ft tape measures Buying Guide: Best Recommendations

Consider the following before you buy your favorite 100 ft tape measures. In the end, you will be able to determine whether 100 ft tape measures is the best fit for your needs based on these criteria.

Research all of the 100 ft tape measures’s on the market by using the internet. Both online and in-person purchases benefit from this. Make sure you choose the most trustworthy company when buying something from an online marketplace. Online shops with loyal customers tend to be the best.

In addition to providing trustworthy merchandise, these establishments offer a variety of options to their customers. In the online store, you can choose from several types of 100 ft tape measures.

Learn more about the 100 ft tape measures’s deep and subtle pros and cons by reading other people’s online reviews. If a certain 100 ft tape measures meets your criteria, you may also check other people’s reviews.

Online research is also common before making a physical purchase.

While performing critical research on 100 ft tape measuress on the market, you may want to consider the following questions:

  •  Do 100 ft tape measures’s make sense to buy?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of obtaining 100 ft tape measures?
  • How can I get the most efficient 100 ft tape measures at the lowest price?
  • Which 100 ft tape measures brands are now available on the market? How can we anticipate the future?
  •  How well do you understand what you want?
  • In spite of subpar quality, why would I own one 100 ft tape measures or numerous 100 ft tape measuress?

There Are Other Advantages To Buying 100 ft tape measures From Online Marketplaces

Online stores also have a few other advantages besides those already mentioned:

A promotion

Discounts and special rates are available at online shops. Internet retailers offer more deals than traditional retailers. Due to the fact that these firms work with a variety of dealers at the same time, a buyer may be able to obtain a certain product at the best price available.

The reliability of

Since the turn of the millennium, online markets have grown tremendously. Globally, they have become a significant source of wealth for many powerful people.

A major reason for the industry’s phenomenal growth may be the reliability and trustworthiness principles adhered to by online marketplaces. Because of this, clients can almost always expect to receive what they need at the right time and at the right price.

Market with nuance

Online retailers can only sell a limited number of products. The market is diverse and complex, making it difficult for clients to find exactly what they need.

You may discover something you weren’t aware of before. The availability of alternative things is important to the dominance of online enterprises.

You Maythe Right 100 ft tape measures

You may, it may be difficult to discover the relevant 100 ft tape measures. You might be unaware of certain parts of the 100 ft tape measures that you’ve been thinking about. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! The following ideas may help you in your search:

The price

Every person has a budget and wishes to purchase items within it. Make sure you surf as many marketplaces as possible to discover pricing discrepancies.

This can give you a broad idea of the current market situation. Based on your knowledge, determine a price range.

The brand

Brand loyalty is relatively high in the 100 ft tape measures industry. This results in buyers choosing the brand they are most familiar with. It is well known that popular brands are reliable.

People wouldn’t have purchased products from well-known companies otherwise. Each brand has its own unique characteristics. Pick a brand whose attributes you are most comfortable with.

Different brands have different aesthetic characteristics. People are therefore more likely to choose a variety of products.

Consensus among customers

If you’re a new user, seek advice from 100 ft tape measures’s active users. It is likely that they will be able to provide you with practical experience-based knowledge. It’s possible you’ll get information about the product that you won’t see in the mainstream media – it could be positive or negative.

It is common for people to use user reviews to help them decide which brand of 100 ft tape measures to buy. The final decision may be made by them.

The functionality of

You must understand how an 100 ft tape measures works before you purchase one. In light of the fact that a significant amount of product knowledge is acquired through usage and experience. Choose the one that best meets your needs from the numerous options available.


In terms of getting your new 100 ft tape measures, we can only provide you with so much information. We are confident, however, that if you follow our guidance, you will be able to find something that best suits your needs if you follow our recommendations.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! I wish you all the best!


#1. What should I consider when buying 100 ft tape measures?  

It is important to consider what you are looking for in a product first. Is durability important to you? How long should it last?  

#2. What is the best way to clean 100 ft tape measures?  

Using a damp cloth is the best way to clean it if you use it every day.

#3. How often should I replace 100 ft tape measures?  

Every year, you should replace it.

#4. How do I care for 100 ft tape measures?  

If you want to store it for a long period of time, you should keep it cool and dry.  

#5. How do I know if 100 ft tape measures is the right size for me?  

You should measure yourself and look at the measurements on the box.  

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