The 10 Best  Sharp El 1801v Ink  2022- Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide

The 10 Best Sharp El 1801v Ink 2022- Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide

What is sharp el 1801v ink and how can I find out more about it? Listed below are our top picks along with our top picks for popular replacement keyword products. If you would like our assistance in finding the right sharp el 1801v ink, please let us know. 

sharp el 1801v ink has compiled a list of all the products that are currently available that have been reviewed by sharp el 1801v ink. After researching and testing all the models available on the market, spent countless hours developing sharp el 1801v ink.

Check out our ranking to see how we compare to our competitors.

1. (3 Pack) COMPUMATIC Compatible/Replacement Calculator Ink Roller Black/Red IR-40T for Sharp EL-1750V, EL-1801V and More

Features :

  • Black and Red 2 Color Ink Roller
  • 3 individually sealed cartridges
  • Compatible with Sharp EL-1750V and EL-1801V calculator
  • Compatible with many other Sharp calculator models, see description…

Additional Info :

Color Black/Red
Item Dimensions
Height 0.5
Width 2.5
Length 7
Weight 0.00625

2. SHARP EL-1801V Ink Rollers – 3 Pack – Black Red Compatible

Features :

  • 3 Individually Sealed Ink Rollers
  • Bright Ink Color
  • Cost Savings Alternative

Additional Info :

Color Red

3. (2 Pack) Sharp EL-1750V EL-1801V Calculator Ink Roller, Black and Red IR-40T, EA772R Compatible

Features :

  • Black and Red 2 Color Ink Roller
  • 2 individually sealed cartridges
  • Sharp EA772R calculator ink compatible
  • Compatible with many other Sharp calculator models, see description…

Additional Info :

Color Black/Red
Item Dimensions
Height 0.49
Width 2.5
Length 5
Weight 0.00625

4. 3 Pack Compatible Calculator Ribbon Replacement for Casio hr-100tm Ink IR-40T Calculator Ink Roller Compatible with Casio HR-100TM HR-170RC Canon P23-dhv CP13 Sharp EL-1801V, Individually Sealed, B/R

Features :

  • Excellent quality – BOEDCN ir-40t calculator ribbon replacement for hr-100tm hr-150tm ink using advanced special ink and unique printing and dyeing technology, the printed text is super smooth and does not fade.This calculator ink roller provides vivid and consistent black and red color in addition to exceptional lightfastness and durable impressions.
  • Compatible with Models -Compatible with many other Canon Casio Sharp calculator models, hr100tm hr-170rc hr-150tm hr200rc hr-100lc d170-dh at-p2000 p170-dh p23dhv p26-dh iii p26-dh gr-100tm pr42 cp13 el-1750v el1801v at-p2000 nr42 mp11dx …… BOEDCN-IR40T Adopting sophisticated parts & after strict testing ensures these quality Ink Roller perfectly compatible with most printing calculators that use Ink Roller.
  • Premium Features – BOEDCN Replacement for casio hr-100tm hr-150tm Calculator Ribbon effectively protects your printing equipment, ultrasonic welding technology makes the universal calculator ribbon smooth and seamless, avoiding damage to the printer due to rough interface. Micro-ink can also effectively reduce the wear of the print head, prevent the printer from clogging, and prolong the life of the printer.
  • Packaging Specifications – BOEDCN all products are produced within two months, and the packaging is filled with nitrogen to keep the ink fresh for a long time, up to 24 months.Direct production direct packaging, 3 x clean individually sealed. Color : Black/Red
  • 24-Hour Service – Please confirm the model of your printer and ribbons, If there is any question, please let us know.Offering Satisfaction and 365-day Money Back & Lifetime Warranty Guarantee on All BOEDCN ribbons and supplies which covers any quality, reliability and performance issues.We aims to maintain the best printing results on every sheet of paper. BOEDCN – IR40T is your trusted choice.

Additional Info :

Color Black/Red

5. LxTek Replacement for IR40T IR-40T CP13 MP-12D Calculator Ink Roller Printer Ribbons use with Canon, Sharp EL-1750V, EL-1801V (Black/red, 10-Pack, Individually Sealed)

Features :

  • LxTek replacement IR-40T Calculator Ink Roller Printer Ribbons adopting sophisticated partsare and strictly tested with industry quality control processes, ensures perfectly compatible with your machine.
  • Using advanced ink and printing and dyeing technology, to provide you with consistent, clear, and excellent printing without fading.
  • The replacement IR-40T Calculator Ink Roller Printer Ribbons work for Canon, Casio, Sharp, Victor, Texas printers. More information please refer to the product picture.
  • Calculator printer ribbon is adopted with precise specifications to allow for seamless installation into your printer.
  • Package Contents: 10 Pack (Black &Red) compatible with IR-40T Calculator Ink Roller Printer Ribbons. Each Ribbon is individually sealed in plastic.

Additional Info :

Color 10 Pack (Black, Red)

6. (3 Pack) Inkvo Compatible Replacement Calculator Ink Roller Red and Black IR-40T for Sharp EL-1750V, EL-1801V, Casio HR-100TM, EA772R, and Many More

Features :

  • 3 Individually Sealed Packs of our Inkvo IR-40T Calculator Ink Replacement Cartridge with Red and Black Ink
  • Compatible replacement for most Sharp, Casio, Canon, Generic, and more. Check our officially supported ink calculator list
  • An excellent replacement ink roller for Sharp EL-1750V and EL-1801V calculators
  • Individually sealed for freshness. Fresh ink makes all the difference. We have a strict freshness policy for all Inkvo products. Many competitors will store ink rollers for years!
  • We provide double the ink that most ink rollers have. This means you can use your calculator longer without having to replace your ink roller. Inkvo provides darker, more vivid impressions so that your work is easy to see!

Additional Info :

Color Red and Black

7. ZIPRINT Replacement for IR40T IR-40T CP13 MP-12D Calculator Ink Roller Ribbon Used with Canon HR-100TM HR-150TM EL-1750V EL-1801V(10-Pack B/R, Individually Sealed)

Features :

  • Contents: 10 Pack (Black &Red) compatible with IR-40T Calculator Ink Roller Printer Ribbons.Each Ribbon is individually sealed in plastic.
  • Compatible printer models:CP13/ MP-12D / MP-120DH/ MP-120DL/ MP-120DLE / P120DH / P121DH / P15D / P160DH / P2DH P200DH /P200DHII/ P200DHl/P22D/ P22DX/ P220DH/P23DE/ P23DH/ P23DHll/P23DHⅢ/ P23DHV/P23DHVG
  • 1215S / FR1110 / FR120C/ FR125 / FR125 / FR2215 / FR2215S / FR2600 / FR2650/ FR2650A/ FR2650Plus FR 320/ FR 50/FR 520/HR 100 LC/HR100T/ HR100TE / HR100TE Plus / HR100TM/HR100TMPlus/HR110S/ HR120T HR150LC/HR150LCPus /HR150LCS
  • More compatible printer please refer the detail.
  • Use Advanced ink and printing technology to provide you with consistent, clear, superior printing without fading.

Additional Info :

Color IR40TBlack

8. Bigger (10-Pack) Compatible Ribbon Replacement for IR-40T CP13 MP-12D Calculator Ink Roller Ribbon Used with Casio HR-100TM HR-120T HR-150TM, Sharp EL-1750V EL-1801V (Individually Sealed, Black/Red)

Features :

  • Clear Printing – Bigger compatible IR-40T ribbons adopt high-density Nylon, combining with advanced ultrasonic welding technology, which makes the ribbon flatter and produces crisp & rich prints.
  • Long Lasting – Bigger IR40T ribbon features specially formulated inks with custom lubricants, which can be absorbed evenly by ribbon and keep good humidity, to ensure the highest quality compatible ribbon for your machine.
  • Fully Compatible – Bigger replacement for IR-40T calculator printer ribbon is adopted with precise specifications to allow for seamless installation into your printer.
  • Compatible Models – Work for Canon, Casio, Sharp, Victor, Texas printers. For More information please refer to the product picture.
  • Tips – Please confirm the model of your printer and ribbons.
  • Note – The color design of the appearance is darker, but the actual use is the red and black calculator ink roller printer ribbon. If you have any after-sales problems, you can contact us at any time

Additional Info :

9. Sharp EL-1801V Ink Printing Calculator, Fluorescent Display, AC, Off-White

Features :

  • Uses a 120 Volt AC adaptor
  • Large display, two memory printer
  • Features tax keys, rate keys, and a mark-up key
  • Two-color desktop printing calculator
  • 12-digit LCD display
  • Two-color desktop printing calculator
  • PC touch keyboard, new modern design
  • 12-digit LCD display
  • Tax key, 4-key memory, grand total
  • AC operation

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 10.5
Width 5.2
Length 14.1
Weight 2.55
Release Date 2020-07-07T00:00:01Z

10. Calculator Ink Roller, Black/Red IR-40T, for Sharp EL-1750V, EL-1801V, EA772R and More, COMPUMATIC Compatible/Replacement

Features :

  • Black and Red 2 Color Ink Roller
  • individually sealed cartridge
  • Compatible with Sharp EL-1750V and EL-1801V calculator
  • Compatible with many other Sharp calculator models, see description…

Additional Info :

Color Black/Red

10 Best sharp el 1801v ink 2022 : Expert’s Picks

Where Should You Look Before Buying sharp el 1801v ink?

Would you like to find a good sharp el 1801v ink that meets your needs and meets your budget? Here is what you need to know about it. When there are so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best option from them all.

As a result of reading this post, you will be able to select the best sharp el 1801v ink for your needs. In choosing the right product for each category of customers, we took into account the fact that each group of customers has different needs and desires. Buying is not a problem at all!

Buying sharp el 1801v ink: Our Advice

The importance of properly educating yourself before investing cannot be overstated. We have compiled a list of considerations before purchasing a sharp el 1801v ink for your convenience. 

Before buying an sharp el 1801v ink, you should ask yourself the following questions:

#1. What is the price of sharp el 1801v ink?

#2. What is the expected lifespan of sharp el 1801v ink?

#3. How easy is it to clean sharp el 1801v ink?

#4. What is the durability of sharp el 1801v ink?

#5. Is there a warranty on sharp el 1801v ink?

#6. What motivates me to purchase this product?

Before purchasing anything, you should ask the following questions. You may have other concerns and questions as well.

We have only mentioned a few factors we believe are important. If you research online or visit the store, you can find detailed answers to many of your questions.

It Is A Good Idea To Use An Online Marketplace Because:

It is very easy to order sharp el 1801v ink online. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Buying a product online will also save you a lot of money. The cost of online shopping is also lower than that of in-store shopping.

You’ll have to pay more to get it delivered to your home, but that’s just part of the price.

There will be no long lines at the store to waste your valuable time.

Online marketplaces don’t require you to wait for a salesperson.

You can ask questions online about your sharp el 1801v ink.

These are just a few of the advantages that are highlighted in the following areas:


The best deals are often found on online marketplaces. There are a variety of ways in which retailers offer sharp el 1801v ink to their customers. It is commonly observed that online platforms undercut physical stores due to their extensive dealer and supplier networks, as well as efficient supply chain management.

During holidays such as Black Friday, online platforms often offer discounts and promotions as part of their holiday promotions. You won’t find these offers anywhere else, so don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage of them.


There is no need for you to spend any time standing in long lines at the store or going to the store. When you purchase sharp el 1801v ink online, there is also a lower minimum order requirement that must be met. Purchasing items within the same warehouse or within a few miles of it will not require you to pay any shipping fees.


The majority of retailers only offer coupons for their products. Coupons, on the other hand, can be used in order to receive a special discount. Furthermore, you will be able to find great promotional codes for online shopping as well. Consequently, online shopping has become more and more popular over the years as a result of this reason. Online stores always have special offers, coupon codes, and discount codes available for their customers to take advantage of.


When you are shopping online, one of your main concerns is the quality of the item, especially if you have not checked the product yourself. Since you will not be able to inspect the product in person before you make a purchase decision, you will have to rely on the website in order to make your purchase decision.

On many online marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon, warranties are offered on a variety of brands and items, including sharp el 1801v ink. Whether you are at home or in a store, you can enjoy all the benefits of a store’s warranty from the comfort of your own home.

In case of any problems with their products, they won’t leave you high and dry. Replacement products are very easy to obtain. This type of guarantee simplifies online shopping.

Internet shopping has decreased in popularity as a result.


The number of online platforms continues to grow around the world, as do the number of products available on those platforms. Due to the popularity of online platforms, more and more businesses are offering their products online.

In a well-organized manner, they offer a wide range of products. You can easily find what you’re looking for on the website. Even the software itself can recommend products. A number of items are included in this category, including sharp el 1801v ink.

There is no doubt that if you have a wide selection to choose from, it is easier to evaluate your preferences. Before making a purchase, you have several options. It is usually only possible to choose from a few brands at physical locations.


Reading some customer reviews is one of the best ways to determine the reliability of the product you have chosen. Users are able to leave reviews on many websites that are available on the internet.

There are even some companies that test their products before they are sold to the public. In order to be able to trust customer reviews, it is important that you know the reviews come from people who have actually used the product and experienced problems with it.

It is extremely important to read reviews and ratings from previous customers when you are new to a business. There is a good chance that others have experienced the same problem as you if you have a similar issue.

Last Thoughts

In the case of a new product, the process can be intimidating, especially if you do not have any prior experience with it. There are many factors to consider before choosing the right product, including quality, price, customer reviews, and many more, when it comes to selecting the right product. If you want to be sure that you get the best deal when buying something, you need to know what to look for in order to make sure you get the best deal.

When buying a car, consider the following sharp el 1801v ink-factors.

In the event that you are considering purchasing sharp el 1801v ink, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. By reading this article, you will be able to get a much better understanding of sharp el 1801v ink as a result of reading it.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How do you decide whether to purchase sharp el 1801v ink?

When I decide to purchase a new product, the most important factors that I consider before making a purchasing decision are: the quality of the product, the price, and the warranty.

#2. Where can I find the best price for sharp el 1801v ink?

As a consumer, it is important to do your due diligence before making any purchase of a product like sharp el 1801v ink, whether it is for the home or for the business. When you are considering a company for your project, it is important to read the reviews and take a look at the website of the company before making your final decision.

#3. Is sharp el 1801v ink a good fit for me?

When you decide to buy a product, you should make sure that it is the right one for you before you make the purchase. To make sure you are using the product in the right way, it is also important to read the instructions and manual that come with the product.

#4. How do sharp el 1801v inks differ?

Each type of sharp el 1801v ink has its own benefits and characteristics. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find the right one from all of them, and I am sure you won’t have a hard time finding it.

#5. Do you have any recommendations for the best sharp el 1801v ink?

The best sharp el 1801v ink can be found online, as well as reading reviews on different websites about the best sharp el 1801v ink, which allows you to find a lot of information about the best sharp el 1801v ink.

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